Tuesday, June 3, 2008


* - That will be explained.
Sorry about the delay in posts.  Life got very busy for a while there. But I'm here to post some thoughts. Naturally, it's about the bullpen.
My last post was titled "Life after Joba: so far so good". Boy, can things change in a hurry. The two pitchers for whom I've repeatedly stumped, Kyle Farnsworth and LaTroy Hawkins, have been horribly inconsistent and have been directly responsible for at least 2 Yankees losses during a stretch where the team was actually winning more than losing.
Of course, I personally believe that people like Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano should be held more accountable for the team's under-performance recently, but because the media seems to have a penchant for over-scrutinizing a team's bullpen, that is what we're focusing on.
Edwar Ramirez needs to be given more chances in games that matter. He's done a great job so far, and honestly, why NOT try him in the 8th? He has improved his approach over the offseason by throwing more fastballs in his outings, and he is attacking the zone and trusting his stuff. I don't know if Edwar is the definitive solution for the 8th inning, but he should be given a chance.
However, given my recent track record for supporting various bullpen arms (only to watch them flame out in spectacular fashion), I'm going to try NOT to jinx it. So I say "Keep Edwar OUT of the 8th inning!"
Likewise, I'm going to say "JB Cox is NOT the answer" and "Keep Mark Melancon in Trenton!" and of course, let's not forget "Chris Britton is a jerk and belongs in the Minors!"
aaaaaaaanyway, our good friends at MLB Trade Rumors have a few interesting tidbits. Rockies are interested in LaTroy, Yanks are interested in Brian Fuentes, and the Yanks are interested in (surprise) Damaso Marte. I don't know much about the LaTroy and Fuentes rumors, but I know Wilson Betemit has been brought up on more than one occasion as a potential trade chip for Marte. He should get a chance to showcase his abilities, given Robinson Cano's inconsistency. I've always found it foolish to trade for relievers (especially when the farm is flush with them), but a left-hander with a good track record against lefties (and can get righties out) is tough to complain about. Besides, Betemit is little more than a spare part at this point, and Alberto Gonzalez is a better fielder anyway.
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B.A. Baracus said...

Chris Britton will only pitch if the Yankees are up by 30 runs and even then, it'll only be every other time. Both Girardi and Torre fail(ed) to understand that Britton is an effective reliever. However, I will say that Girardi, despite some shortcomings, is a lot better than the brilliant, calm, "knows-how-to-handle-his-players-yet-threw-ARod-under-the-bus-by-batting-him-8th-against-Detroit-and-didn't-back-him-up-after-HA-play" Joe Torre.